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Videos and detailed agendas for meetings

Published on Oct 02, 2023

Improved meeting pages

Over the past few weeks, we have added some major improvements to the meeting detail pages for Chicago City Council and Committee meetings. The agendas for these meetings can sometimes have hundreds of items, and it is difficult for the public to see what all is being addressed.

To help make this information more accessible, we are showing all agenda items for a meeting in a table with descriptions, links to ordinances and a list of sponsors for each one if available. With this, you can quickly scan through an event agenda and see what ordinences are being discussed and what Alders are sponsoring.

Additionally, the Chicago City Clerk has recently started posting meeting videos on Vimeo, both for commitee meetings and full City Council meetings. They have also started to post archived videos from the past 10+ years: https://vimeo.com/showcase/citycouncil

When available, we are now embedding these videos directly on the meeting pages.

Mobile improvements

Over the past year, about 30% of the traffic to Chicago Councilmatic has come from mobile devices like iPhone and Android. To help these users scan information for especially long agendas and bills with many actions, we are now rendering table rows as cards for small screens. This removes the need to scroll horizontally to see information on wide tables.

Showing tables for agendas and bill actions as a card on mobile devices
Showing tables for agendas and bill actions as a card on mobile devices