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Alder Campaign Donations

Published on Jun 07, 2024

Chicago Councilmatic is now showing campaign donations for each Alder on their detail page. Political campaign contributions are required to be disclosed to the Illinois State Board of Elections, which has data going back to 1994. You can now search for donations, updated daily, by donor name, address, date, amount and type, along with a link to the official filing.

Given the influence of money in politics, this update allow the public to more easily find relationships between an Alder’s donors and their legislative and voting behavior.

The campaign contributions table is powered by DataTables, a javascript library for searching and sorting data in tables, and Datasette, an interactive tool for exploring and publishing databases. To handle the large volume of transactions, we built a plugin for Datasette called datasette-datatable, which allows Datasette to export its data in a format that can be directly loaded in to DataTables via asynchronous AJAX calls.

Showing campaign donations for each Alder
Showing campaign donations for each Alder